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    Dashboard Prompt




      I have a requirement where I need to use a dashboard prompt for selecting the period from one date to the other, which should reply me the number of feedbacks for the given interval. I tried implementing the same but I get the resulting analysis in a separate webpage. I want to display the analysis in the same dashboard page where I am using the prompt. Please help with this.




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          Hi Vyshak,


          Kindly elaborate little more on the requirement.




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            Oana Suditu

            Hello Vyshak,


            Have you created a dashboard Prompt and embedded it in a dashboard along with the report, or you have added a prompt in the Prompts tab in the Analysis?




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              You have added the report prompts. Please try with dashboard prompts. Build your report and dashboard prompt and place in the dashboard page. Both will appear in the same page.




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                Thanks that was helpful. Now I have a requirement as when I select a dashboard prompt the values in the same analysis should get refreshed.

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                  Gianni Ceresa

                  That's the default behavior of a dashboard prompt, so it already happen by itself. Submitting a dashboard prompt is like refreshing the page itself, all the analysis will check if they are impacted by the value set by the dashboard prompt and if required refresh the data applying the new filters.

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                    Hi Gianni


                    Thanks for the kind reply. I am actually creating some mock ups for a upcoming project. For this purpose I create dummy tables that looks exactly the same given in the requirements. I am stuck at a particular place where I am not sure how to proceed further. I am attaching the screenshot of the analysis. Can you please help me out?






                    In this image can you tell me how can I create the column as Jan, Feb and March and below that B and A???



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                      Gianni Ceresa

                      That's what the pivot view does, nothing else ...

                      Put your month column in the "Columns" area of the pivot layout, A and B (if they are an attribute) there as well. If A and B are measures just keep the "Measure labels" there and it will take the name of A and B.


                      I'm just not sure about what is the link between a mock up of pivot and dashboard prompts ...