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    SQL Developer Query Hangs Connection and Machine Specific


      I have an unusual problem and have been unable to find a solution. I am using SQL developer 4.0.3 to connect to 3 different environments at my work. I am running the same query in all environments. The query will return results in production in less than 2 minutes. When any user tries to run the query on my machine in the test environment it just keeps running and no results are returned (keeps running not empty record set). I am able to run the query through excel to the same environment from the same machine with my credentials and can run the query in sql developer using my credentials on other machines.


      That leads me to believe this is machine specific and specific to my particular instance of sql developer. I have tried playing around with the NLS settings without much luck. I have installed the most recent versions of sql developer, jre, and jdk. If anyone else has any suggestions please let me know or if additional information is required to troubleshoot.