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    LOG4PLSQL has released the V2b

      LOG4PLSQL is a plsql generic tools for log, trace and debug some message and variable in all plsql code
      - Oracle Package, Procedure, function, trigger
      - PL/SQL Web application

      LOG4PLSQL Objectives:
      - Facility of implemented and use
      - Possibility of log out-off transaction
      - Possibility of modifying the level of log dynamically
      - Use full LOG4J API integration.

      LOG4PLSQL is free and esae to use :
      | declare
      | myLogCtx PLOG.LOG_CTX := PLOG.init;
      | begin
      | PLOG.error (myLogCtx, 'mess error');
      | End;

      LOG4PLSQL Log destination
      Oracle Table, Async,JDBC, JMS, NTEventLog, SMTP, Socket, SocketHub, Syslog, Telnet, Writer