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    Fixed Days Supply , Oracle E-Business Suite Planning


      Dear Sir/Madam,


      With regard to using fixed days supply on item attribute level, we are not yet sure what the effect is on the planning.

      We know that demand over a certain period of time (FDS) will be aggegrated to one orderline.

      However, if in week 10, demand has been aggegrated for let say quantity 10, and during that week (and thus in the weekly MRP RUN), additional demand of 2 in that same timeframe is needed.
      Will Oracle include that extra demand and make one orderline for 12?

      We currently think that FDS frames are frozen after one MRP Run. is this true, and can this be ignored?


      What I mean is:


      For item XB we have the following planned orders


      -5 need by date 10-03-2015

      -7 Need by date 10-06-2015

      -10 need by date 10-08-2015

      If we set FDS to 365 days, for item XB, Oracle will aggregate total demand of 22 in one orderline.

      But what happens if suddenly a new planned order enters O_MRP


      3 need by date 08-08-2015?

      Will the planning , unless we haven't released the orderline of 22, make a new orderline for 25 units for need by date 10-03? We currently think it generates a rush order.


      Many thanks in advance!