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    SQLDEVELOPER.BAT  missing file



      I'm a newbie and have a beginner problem.I have installed enterprise edition of Oracle DB but i can't run SQL Developer. I get message about missing SQLDEVELOPER.BAT file. Is that normal thing or maybe i did something wrong during installation? What should i do to solve the problem? Maybe you could refer me to some helpful instructions?

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          Hi Lukas,


          may I ask you for some more details?

          I guess you are using any flavor of Windows OS? Can you please specify?


          Then you wrote you installed Oracle RDBMS EE - again: which version? Do you remember/noted which options you checked at installation?

          Please share the installation path (ORACLE_HOME) as well.


          As you are referring SQLDEVELOPER.BAT - do you try to run sqldeveloper from the RDBMS installation?

          I checked my RDBMS 12c installation - it contains SQLDEVELOPER

          the current version is 4.0 with 4.1 available as Early Adoper.

          May I suggest you get at least 4.0 from Oracle SQL Developer Downloads you only need to unzip it into any directory - please provide this directory as well.


          I'm quite sure with these informations prepared a reasonable supportive discussion will start.



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            thank you very much for your detailed answer. As for now i can only specify that I'm using Windows 7 Professional OS.

            I will prepare the rest of the informations asap but unfortunately not sooner then in few hours time.


            By the way it's great to know that someone is interested


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              So you ran the sqldeveloper.exe out of the $ORACLE_HOME\sqldeveloper directory?

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                I'm sorry for being quiet for such a long period of time but kid+work+school=busy time

                Anyway, here are some detail answers that could be useful to start a conversation:

                1. OS Widows 7 Professional SP1

                2. RDBMS EE 11g Release 2 for Windows 64 (Oracle Database Express Edition 11g Release 2 Downloads)

                3. Unfortunately i don't remember what options i checked during installation

                4. Path to Oracle Home (i hope that this is the path that you mean)


                5. As you are referring SQLDEVELOPER.BAT - do you try to run sqldeveloper from the RDBMS installation?

                   A. When i try to run sqldeveloper using "Start Menu-All programs-Oracle_OraDb11g_home1-Application Development-sqldeveloper" i get message "No shortcut" and i'm asked for path to sqldeveloper.bat

                   B. When i try to run sqldeveloper using C:\app\kasia\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\sqldevloper\sqldevloper.exe i get the Oracle message "Enter the full path for java.exe"

                6. I've installed sqldeveloper- It works fine but i keep on wondering why sqldeveloper from "start menu..." is not working properly i with your help i would like to solve this problem. The path for version 4 of sqldeveloper is I:\SIAD\OracleDatabase11gRelease2\sqldeveloper-


                I hope that details will help.r hel.

                Thank you for you

                Take care