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    can not create i.war using java -jar ords.war static

      C:\glassfish4\ords>java -jar ords.war static "c:\app\sybrandb\apex_4.2.6\apex\im


      WAR Generation complete

      WAR location     : C:\glassfish4\ords\i.war

      Context path     : /i

      Static resources : c:\app\sybrandb\apex_4.2.6\apex\images

      Ensure the static resources are available at path: c:\app\sybrandb\apex_4.2.6\ap


      on the server where the WAR is deployed


      I downloaded ORDS from OTN yesterday

      Needless to say this directory does exist (it works when I run the listener standalone, providing this path)


      Why is everything which Oracle releases in this area always broken and badly documented?





      Sybrand Bakker

      Senior Oracle DBA