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    requisition workflow error issue


      Hi All


      I need to diagnose the reason  for a requisition workflow error.we have ame and multi-org


      apparently the error is known apparently it happens when one of the approvers in the list has an end-dated employee record.


      Workflow Errors: REQAPPRV, 631615-71781, 94323


      Failed Activity  https://ebiz-prod.tibco.com/OA_HTML/cabo/images/swan/t.gifUpdate Approval List Response Using AME  https://ebiz-prod.tibco.com/OA_HTML/cabo/images/swan/t.gif
      Activity Type  https://ebiz-prod.tibco.com/OA_HTML/cabo/images/swan/t.gifFunction  https://ebiz-prod.tibco.com/OA_HTML/cabo/images/swan/t.gif
      Error Name  https://ebiz-prod.tibco.com/OA_HTML/cabo/images/swan/t.gif-6512  https://ebiz-prod.tibco.com/OA_HTML/cabo/images/swan/t.gif
      Error Message  https://ebiz-prod.tibco.com/OA_HTML/cabo/images/swan/t.gifORA-06512: at line   https://ebiz-prod.tibco.com/OA_HTML/cabo/images/swan/t.gif
      Error Stack  https://ebiz-prod.tibco.com/OA_HTML/cabo/images/swan/t.gifWf_Engine_Util.Function_Call(POR_AME_APPROVAL_LIST_WF1S.UPDATE_APPROVAL_LIST_RESPONSE, REQAPPRV, 631615-71781, 201941, RUN)  https://ebiz-prod.tibco.com/OA_HTML/cabo/images/swan/t.gif




      How do i find out the list of approvers? I can use this list to check if anyone has been end-dated.

      In prod i dont have access to ame resp so how do i find the list of approvers for this requisition ...where do i get that value from for the purchase requsition?

      Please just tell me the steps so i can try and help a customer.


      Realy appreciate it