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    OBIEE Dashboard Edit Question


      Hello everybody,


      Some of our customers need to see obiee analysis column formulas. Therefore, they should go edit dashboard and edit analysis. However, these users should not save the analysis, only see the analysis column formulas. How can I do that? Can you help me please.




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          1. Set the permissions on the respective Presentation Catalog folder so the user cannot save there

          2. Why not include another view in the analysis (eg Legend view) that the user can access to show them the column definitions, rather than the user-unfriendly option of having to go and edit the report?

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            Thank you rmoff. Your suggestions help my future:) Since I have never used a legend view, I may not imagine it. After that, I will use better ways to show column formulas. However, I also want to learn option 1. Which privileges should I set the presentation catalog folder? Write option gives the save ability:S



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              Gianni Ceresa

              Hi Dilek,

              "open" must be enough. "write" will enable the "save", but just with "open" they will not be able to save in the same place, so impossible to override your own analysis.

              They will be able to save it somewhere else like "my folder", but this will not affect your own (official) version of the analysis.