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    Memory allocation in Linux for EBS

    Dan A



      We have a Linux RHEL 5.5 box that we suddenly need to fit 5 Oracle instances onto.


      The allocated memory is approx 40GB for the server and cannot be increased.

      Nothing running on there right now. This will be a shared box for both app and db.


      My thinking is:


      SGA is 1GB.

      PGA = 1GB




      For EBS, each instance has 128M allocated, and can grow up to 512M (OACORE / OAFORMS). (total 1GB)


      So, each instance has 2GB for the database and 1GB for the application. = 3GB each instance.


      Is my thinking correct? Is this enough memory for us (less than 100 concurrent users) ?


      On this basis, could we not run at least ten instances on that box?




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          We are not sure about the load of each Individual EBS Instance on  your server. If you know that each EBS Instance is consuming not more than 3 GB than it should be fine.


          I recommend you to configure a single EBS Instance and check the load bases on the usage you can Identify how many Instances can be configured on the server.



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