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    Cutover Phase Got Failed in R12.2.4 Upgrade

    Venkatesh Viswanathan

      Dear All,


      I have installed R12.2.0 base version and start upgrading to R12.2.4, I have installed all the Required patches on all the areas (database, forms, FMW_HOME). Also I have applied the latest TXK patches and finally start applying the 12.2.4 upgrade patch(17919161) in downtime mode.


      Patch got applied successfully, but while adop running the cutover phase it got failed because of low space in temp tablespace. Now I have increased the tablespace size as 4GB.


      Shall I run the "adop phase=cutover" alone?


      my adop -status is below


      Current Patching Session ID: 2


      Node Name       Node Type       Phase           Status          Started                      Finished                Elapsed

      --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ----------------       -------------- ------------------------------ ------------

      ahgdv01         master          PREPARE         NOT APPLICABLE

                                      APPLY           ACTIVE          09-MAR-15 16:39:       15 +04:00      09-MAR-15 19:13:50 +04:00      2:34:35

                                      FINALIZE        NOT STARTED

                                      CUTOVER         NOT APPLICABLE

                                      CLEANUP         NOT STARTED


      Please advise.