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    Form personalization and disabling the use of F11 + Ctri F11 within


      Hi all,

      This is my first time in the forum so would appreciate if you could direct me to the right link if it appears that the below link is familiar.


      Within the R12 apps could you let me know the steps to restrict users from accessing/querying any other values sets except the custom "XXX_TT_THRESHOLD"? (Navigation within R12: System Admin >> Application >> Flexfield >> Values >> Name "XXX_TT_THRESHOLD"

      We used Diagnostics >> Personalization

      Seq 10 : Limit to only "XXX_TT_THRESHOLD" i.e. setting FALSE for alternate query

      Seq 20: Validate record On Query form i.e. Trigger event "WHEN-VALIDATE-RECORD"

      Seq 30: Valdiate record of Base form

      However, inspite of the above steps when we land on the following form "XXX_TT_THRESHOLD" the user can still query other records when we hit F11 and Ctrl F11.

      Would appreciate your response one how we can disable querying additional records via F11 and Ctrl F11. Or if there are any additional steps that might be missed.