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    Script output gutter (4.1EA2)


      I just upgraded to EA2 that was released today, and I notice the script output has a line gutter (or line margin if you prefer) - as well as wrapping to a width of 80.


      Before I upgraded (which I didn't migrate any settings), script output would go indefinitely across the page for each row (when querying),  and I dont recall seeing a gutter (in script output). Now there is a visual gutter in script output and it is wrapping text at a set width.


      Is the script output wrap width configurable? (I know I can do `set linesize x` to increase it, but I mean a setting that persists. Also doing that then means you still have a vertical line through your query output.)


      The visual line gutter seems to be directly linked to the setting in Code Editor => Display => Show Visible Right Margin. Changing that will move both the vertical line in the code editor and the script output. Probably deserves it's own config option?