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    Cannot patch 10.1.2 Tools



      I am trying to install Oracle E-Business Suite (12.2.4), Linux x86-64.

      I am running Oracle Linux 6.6 on an ESXi 5.5 VM

      I am using a single node with multi-user installation (oravis and applvis).


      The rapid Wizard installer gets up to 46% and says  "Command:  /media/u02/oracle/VIS/fs2/inst/apps/VIS_ausebs01/temp/adrunfmw.sh

      The bottom progress bar has 66% and says "configuring Applications Technology Stack


      I have md5'ed as well as unzip tested all of my zips, they are all good, supposedly.

      I have redownloaded the entire set three times. Rebuild this VM countless times and I always get all green pre-installation checks, but it always fails in the same place.


      I have linked logs from: /media/u02/oracle/VIS/fs2/inst/apps/VIS_ausebs01/logs/03101401.log



      Please let me know if other logs are needed.


      Any advice on what I may be missing would be most appreciated.


      Thank you,