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    How do I get an Access tab for a new Connection?


      SQL Developer

      Go to View / Connections

      Click the green + (plus) symbol

      A New / Select Database Connection dialog appears

      On the right side, below the connection name, username, and password fields is a tabbed area for Role, Connection Type, and connection details. The tab says Oracle.

      The documentation for migrating the MS Access Northwind database says to create a connection to the Access database using the Access tab on this dialog.

      Where is it/how do I get it?

      The same documentation also suggests that after installing and launching SQL Developer, to go to Help / About / Extensions and review the list of installed extensions. While looking for Oracle Migration Workbench, I found Oracle SQL Developer Migrations, and several other hyphenated entries, including - Microsoft Access. The identifier for this is oracle.sqldeveloper.migration.msaccess, v., status=Loaded. This seems to suggest that the Access module was installed, but that's only a guess.

      As the OTN forums seem about as reliable as the documentation, if someone has an answer to post here, could you also send an email XXXXXX com?



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