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    After database upgrade not able to connect as apps user

    Venkatesh Viswanathan

      Dear All,


      I have successfully upgraded the EBS database from to with application as R12.2.4. I have followed the doc 1926201.1 for the database upgrade. Upgrade got completed successfully and my database has 2 invalids after the upgrade which are WMS_EPC_PVT.

      So I have performed the step 27 mentioned in the document and recreate the MGDSYS schema and compile the invalids and it got compiled. After that onwards i am not able to connect as apps user from application tier as well as within the database. Apps account also in active state.

      Before that i am able to run autoconfig on both database and apps tier and it got completed successfully.

      please kindly help me on this issue.

      Database : upgraded from

      Apps  : R12.2.4

      OS : OEL 6.6

      Single Node Instance (DEV environment)