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    SSH Port forward coming up blank


      I'm trying to setup a database connection through a hopserver using SSH port forwarding, as described in Jeff's article SSH Tunnel with #SQLDev 4.1 EA1 and EA2 side by side .  I have screenshots but don't want to post sensitive information in the forum -- hence the text description instead.

      I have SQL Developer Build MAIN-18.37 (EA2) , same as in his article.


      My Laptop with SQL Developer (internal company network)

      my-jmpbox-01 (linux hopserver which I can ssh to)

      prod-db-01 (database server housing DB on port 1521)


      From my laptop, I can't get directly to prod-db-01.  I need to first SSH to my-jmpbox-01 first.

      Therefore, in SQL developer 4.1 EA2, here's what I'm trying to do:

      View -> SSH

      right click SSH Hosts -> new SSH host


      host = my-jumpbox-01

      port: 22

      click OK


      back at the SSH Hosts pane

      right click my_unix_user@my-jumpbox-01 -> TEST

      enter your regular LDAP password

      click OK


      Back at SSH Hosts pane:

      right click my_unix_user@my-jumpbox-01 -> New Remote Port Forward


      name it prod-db-01

      host: prod-db-01

      port: 1521

      automatically assign remote port



      should now look like this:


      right click prod-db-01 -> CONNECT


      and OK


      now mouse-over the prod-db-01 line and i see a REMOTE PORT (presumably indicating that it's got a valid tunnel going).


      Back in Connections pane (upper left)

      click + icon (the New connection)


      At the "New Database Connection" screen:

      connection name: prod-db-01

      username: scott

      password: *******

      connection type: SSH


      Under the Port Forward Dropdown, I do NOT see the my_unix_user@my-jumpbox-01 or prod-db-01-connection. It's completely blank.  Any troubleshooting steps I can take? has anybody else seen this issue before?