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    Instance Level setups for multi-instance comparison




      I am looking for pointers on how to compare 2 Oracle EBS instances - this information will help if it makes sense to initiate a project to consolidate the 2 different regional instances into single instance.

      Basically what I am trying to find out is the total list of instance/site level setups that can be a potential conflict in merging the two instances (assuming custom programs will not conflict, or can be managed by parameterizing based on region).

      Few such comparison points I can think of are

      1. Flexfields - KFF structure (like COA, Item KFF etc), DFF structures,
      2. Site Level Profile options in use,
      3. Lookups / Valuesets common in both instances
      4. Module specific Setups done at instance level - like Supplier Numbering etc.


      Has anyone done such instance analysis? If so, any pointers on what else to look for while doing a system level analysis (business processes will be second round of analysis)?

      Also, is there a readily available list of Setups done at instance level across modules (like supplier numbering or asset numbering) that can be referred to for inclusion in analysis?


      Looking for pointers on this. Inputs will be really helpful.