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    Help with OBIA view log query


      Hi all

      Could someone please  explain to me what's happining with the attached view log file from BI apps presentation service. I got this log but the dashboard still says no result.

      I need a bit of explanation as to why no result and what is happening in this query.

      Regards All.

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          Christian Berg

          Well RPD logic and analysis construction isn't the only thing which have an influence on what's being displayed.


          For example (using the data you posted as a basis) if your analysis contains selection steps - which are executed post aggregation by the way, after the data set it retrieved - which specifies "Keep Only" C1 = Corp. you will not get anything in the analysis since the members returned in the result sets are <Source Code Not Supplied>, CORPORATION and Unspecified.


          Check for analysis-based post-aggregate manipulations of the result set.