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    Multiple FDM Value by -1 in import script


      This should be an easy answer, but we have certain line items in our source file where we want to multiply the amount by -1.  What would be the correct syntax.  Everything I try fails.  Below is what I have that gives a type mismatch error on v_Amt_2 when importing the file.


      v_Amt_1 = DW.Utilities.FParseString(strRecord, 3, 2,",")
      v_Amt_2 = DW.Utilities.FParseString(strRecord, 3, 3,",")


      If v_Amt_2 = "" Then

      IS_TB_Amt_002 = v_Amt_1


      IS_TB_Amt_002 = v_Amt_2 * (-1)

      End If