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    Eloqua Referrer URL parameters

    Sven Wasmer-Oracle

      Hi all,


      I’d like to ask something about the parts of the url.


      This is a referrer url for a client site that is being tracked and as you can see, one of the traffic sources is the people that have been sent emails to using Eloqua.


      Q1: The question I have is – in the url structure do any of the ‘elq id’ parameters uniquely identify the contact that the original email was sent to?


      http:// *  *  * /mail-in-the-head?utm_source=EloquaESP&utm_medium=EmailMarketing&utm_content=MR0215_RGR_EM_01&utm_campaign=PLOM_head_gr5?elqTrackId=7b1f5a7e83384676b65164dee8952078&elq_mid=1368&elq_cid=2287227&elqaid=1368&elqat=1



      Q2: Does anybody know where to find a documentation regarding these parameters?


      Many thanks