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    SMS Messaging in Eloqua


      I'm in the beginning phases of researching the best approach to utilize one of the many apps available to plug in to Eloqua for effective SMS messaging.


      1. What would you say is the best app available in the App Cloud right now?

      2. What are the top 5 things to consider before utilizing this approach?

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          Hi Kelley - I'm in the process of setting up SMS messaging from Eloqua. We were already using Twilio to send text msgs from Salesforce (our CRM), but wanted to have the capability to send texts from Eloqua as well. I did a web search for sending texts from Eloqua and discovered that Sure Shot Media has a Cloud Connector to send Twilio texts from Eloqua. We were already using their Email Verification Spark Plug, and I had been impressed with their support team. I've since started working with them on the messaging setup and the support has been excellent - they've really gone out of their way to make it easy for us.


          I hope that helps!


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            Hello Kelley,


            Excellent questions! In my experience the top 5 items to consider before utilizing SMS messaging from Eloqua would be:


            1. Where are you sending? - Will you be sending SMS messages globally or just in your region? The price per-message can vary between countries and carriers so it's great to have this knowledge upfront. The EMEA region tends to be a bit more SMS savvy then their North American counterparts so they may have a different set of expectations.  Also you want to be sure your SMS provider can even send SMS messages to the countries you want to reach!


            2. Long or Short? - There's two types of numbers that can to send SMS messages from your Eloqua instance, a long or short code. A long code is the 10 digit number we're all familiar with. They're low-cost and great for low volume SMS sending. For new SMSers it's a great place to start. A short code is a 5- or 6-digit number that can send and receive SMS messages to and from mobile numbers. If you're anticipating higher volumes and would like a greater brand experience for your contacts a short code is the way to go.


            3. Volumes - Consider the amount of messages that you'll be sending both daily and monthly. This will help you better estimate message costs and determine whether a long-code or short-code would be the best fit as your "from" number.


            4. What types of messages will you send? - Will your message be a reminder? A coupon offer? A notification? Each of these of messages have subtle but important differences to consider. Knowing the type of messages you plan on sending will help determine your marketing and legal content.

            5. Do I have permission? - Just as with email marketing you're going to want to closely manage your opt-ins/outs.  We've had customers in the past simply add SMS opt-in language to their existing forms while others have created email campaigns with the specific intent to acquire more mobile numbers and receive SMS permissions.  Main thing - Only send SMS messages to contacts who are compliant. Carriers won't hesitate to block numbers after receiving subscriber complaints. Be sure to include clear opt-out language on your welcome message and a way for contacts to reach you directly. This will deter them from complaining to their carriers.


            I hope this gets you started! Feel free to reach out with any further SMS questions.



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              So we're just sending within the U.S. We're a staffing company so it'd be notifications to employees or potential employees when an urgent opportunity comes up...


              I'm not finding a lot of feedback on the actual vendors themselves, I assume because not a lot of people are using this technology perhaps because of compliance issues?

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                Abdul Hamid Ebrahim-Oracle

                Hi Kelley,


                simplecall sms has a good cloud connector available on theAppCloud that I know a number of Eloqua clients use, their Eloqua specific website is also useful: http://www.simplecallsms.com/


                One of the advantages is that they don't have any setup costs, you can simply sign up and start using. They also give you 25 free credits so you can set up and start testing.


                Best regards,

                Abdul Hamid Ebrahim

                Marketing Advisor - Oracle Marketing Cloud

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                  That's an interesting use case you've mentioned. Is your company already using SMS outside of Eloqua?


                  We have seen a stronger appetite for SMS abroad, but there has been an uptick in interest in North America.  Compliance could indeed be a factor in adoption, but with certain resources it can certainly be planned for.

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                    Brad Down

                    Burst SMS has developed an SMS integration for Eloqua. We have focussed on self service, 2 way messaging and also the auto formatting of international numbers based on country.


                    If interested are looking for new clients to integrate with.


                    Info here: Oracle Eloqua - Burst SMS App Installation and User Guide – Support

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                      just checking another option to send SMS with Twilio, by RelationShipOne, this AppCloud Action is free



                      Anyone tested ?

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                        Syed R

                        Didn't but interested to know if anyone else has.  I want to play around with it without incurring any cost to see how it works.

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                          Jos Caelers | Engagement Factory

                          Hi Syed,


                          Here is a link to a free SMS trail, if you are still interested:


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                            Hello everyone,

                            I have read all the comments you have written. As a company that want to integrate sms in its marketing automation solutions, what are the components necessary to avhieve it? We have a local sms service provider but how to succeed the connection between SMS created in program canvas in eloqua and sms that the service provider should send? Is there only specific sms messaging providers that support eloqua sms services? If yes how to be sure that it exist in my country because we want to send text messages locally?


                            Thank you in advance.

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                              Hi Kelly,


                              I would prefer a Cloud App developed by Verticurl, for your requirement. It is now available in Oracle Cloud Marketplace - https://cloudmarketplace.oracle.com/marketplace/en_US/listing/9061639


                              Please contact the support team for more information. They can solve all your questions.


                              FYI IkramR



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                                Thank you Shameer, I will check that.

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                                  aint working at all

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                                    Hi there,


                                    Another option would be to look at Just Add Features. This is a bit different. It's a tool that makes integrating Eloqua with anything super easy.


                                    It gives you a 'Custom Action' which you can use in your Campaigns/Programs, and which you can use to build custom extensions in minutes. For example this article https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/integrate-eloqua-anything-sam-smith  I built an SMS connector with just 10 lines of code, and a Facebook Advertising targeting solution with just 26 lines.


                                    The SMS connector you could use as-is, while having the flexibility to use the platform for whatever else you might require as well.




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