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    problem in trigger on table mtl_material_transactions_temp


      I created a trigger which should update a value in an attribute1 in table MTL_TXN_REQUEST_LINES after deleting a ligne in mtl_material_transactions_temp. when i delete the line directly from the table attribute1 is updated but when i annulate affectation in the form INVTOTRX which is corresponding of deleting a line in mtl_material_transactions_temp the attribute1 is not updated this is the code of the trigger . please could you help me

      create or replace 
      TRIGGER top_after_delete_temp
      After DELETE
         ON mtl_material_transactions_temp
         FOR EACH ROW
      if(:old.organization_id=85) and (:old.transaction_type_id= 64) then 
      SET attribute1='N'
      where line_id=:old.MOVE_ORDER_LINE_ID;
      end if;