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    Printer Setup Question


      Hi All,


      I have a case where I want to print labels out from a Zebra printer, I have different Zebra printers to print 4'*5' or 1'*3' size labels.


      We are having two receiving areas and both have different set of printers (2 Each)

      Area1- Zebra1 (4*5)

      Area1- Zebra2 (1*3)


      Area2- Zebra1 (4*5)

      Area2- Zebra2 (1*3)




      When the receipt is made we want the label to be printed based on the user who submitted the request for Label printing, we know that user level default printer can be set as per notes

                   How to Set Up a Default Printer for a User Within Oracle Applications [ID 1018856.102]

                   How To Setup Default Printer for a User. [ID 153927.1]

      but here we have two different Zebra printers (4'*5' or 1'*3' size labels)


      How can we set this up so that the label prints to the right label printer (size) and the right printer based on the user (receiving area) who submitted the program?


      Note: We are NOT Using WMS or any 3rd party Label Printing software package