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    Double Entry on First Keystroke


      About 50% of the time, when typing data in a Table via the Data tab, the first keystroke is doubled.

      I see several unsolved questions have been archived about this issue but this really needs to be fixed.

      Think of a field called ACTIVE_FLAG with a constraint of 'Y' or 'N' and constantly being tagged that 'YY' or 'NN' is an invalid entry.


      People using SQL Developer are very keen on data integrity and data accuracy. Having double characters on the first keystroke really slows us down because we never know when it will happen and when it does, it takes effort to correct.

      This has been present on several different versions of SQL Developer, on several different computers (2 of mine and on several different co-workers).

      It also doesn't matter if it's a wired (I've used two different ones) or wireless keyboard (I've used three different ones).


      Another annoying thing that may or may not be related is that it will not allow a shifted space. Yes, I realize there is no <Shift><Space> character but if I'm typing something like 'UP Draft', I like to hold down the Shift key for the first 4 keystrokes. When you do that in a Data grid, the space characters are not entered leaving you with just 'UPDraft'.

      There must be some parsing taking place that doesn't handle that first keystroke or shifted spaces well.

      These are not just annoying, they are productivity issues.