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    Multi Period Load using Open Interface Adapter in FDMEE


      There was a similar question, but it didn't exactly cover this.   I already have a ticket open with oracle, but I'm hoping someone here can help.


      We currently use a Before Improt script to populate the Open Interface Adapter table.  As a simple example, we data from a PeopleSoft ledger for a period to load to our Hyperion Planning system.


      The Workbench process works perfectly.  Import for January 2014 grabs the data for 2014 from PS and loads it through.  Ideally we would like to be able to use the Data Load Rule option to execute the process for a range of periods, so that I could reload all of 2014 by selecting a Start Period of Jan 2014 and an end period of Dec 2014. 


      Unfortunately what currently happens is only the first period is processed despite the range.


      I've seen several references to period mappings as possible solutions.  This information was already verified by Oracle, but for the clarification, we've create them and mapped them at an applicaiton level.


      Any ideas as to why it would only run the first period of the range?

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          Just an update:


          In order to use the Start Period/End Period functionality, you must specify a source period mapping and define a calendar in the rule.


          This issue "partially" solved my problem, however it turns out the BefImport and other Event Scripts only run once for the range.  Using the select query below:


          "Select * From AIF_PROCESS_PERIODS where PROCESS_ID = '" + str(LoadID) + "' Order by PeriodKey ASC"


          I was able to optain the records containing the periods in the Start/End range, so I was able to just create loops in the BefImport and other event scripts as necessary to mimic the running of the event scripts on all periods in the range.


          That said, I still have no solution for executing target application calcs (we have one calc that runs before load to do a clear and another after load that runs an aggregation).


          Anyone have any thoughts on how to make those calls loop?  Because the ranges can cross years, I can't just pass the periods to the calc since Jan-FY14 to Feb-FY15 isn't just Jan to Feb and FY14, FY15 (which would only be 4 periods total vs the 14 it should be).


          Alternatively, is there an easy way to call a essbase calc script from an event script?

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            Depending on the release there is an option on the target application registration screen where you can configure a calc script to run in certain scopes as a result of certain events so that might be an avenue you could explore. The screenshot below is from a PS4 box I've got up at the moment:





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              Franscisco covers the calc script options released as part of PSU1 here on his blog


              fishing with FDMEE: FDMEE PSU1 released (

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                Yeah, I'm aware of the functionality in the target application, the problem is that the script only executes once when using a data load rule to run over a range.


                The calc we have is designed to take the period and year from the POV and clear during the before load, then Aggregate  during the After load.

                It works great for a single period, but when running on a range (e.g. Jan-2014 to Dec-2014) it only calls the calc script once and passes Jan-2014.  So the remaining months aren't cleared/aggregated.

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                  Francisco Amores



                  I see, if that is working in that way then i would suggest raising a SR with Oracle to ask for enhancement request.


                  I haven't tested but have you tried passing a parameter with type POV Period, what is it passing?


                  a workaround would be as follows:


                  - User BefLoad event script to update Data Load Rule integration option 1 with the starting period and integration option 2 with the end period

                  - Configure the calculation script parameter to use two parameters assigned to integration options

                  - then you can have your calculation script to clear data for the range (even if it is executed only once)


                  Hope that helps