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    EBS to APEX Obtaining Session ID on different DBs

    Matt Mulvaney



      I’m looking for tips on opening an APEX application from EBS where they are both on different databases and domains.

      It is also a requirement to seamlessly login using EBS credentials without needing to log in again through APEX and without OSSO


      Following the guides I have EBS menu item calling a Function which is a JSP (the GWY.jsp has been the most successful) and also this modified version



      I compile the JSPs and these compile without errors


      The APEX page opens fine, but the trouble is I don’t know which session or user came from EBS


      The usual calls such as FND_GLOBAL.user_id; return a -1 and so does the getsessionid function


      I have tried calling the ICX cookie but I have no access as it is in a different domain and the cookie copy from the above link is not working


      I believe I’m unable to call PL/SQL direct from EBS and then load a URL in R12


      So just looking for tips really on how to access the EBS session or user from within APEX


      Links I have followed