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    Item master items showing in iProc.



      After applying patch 19273341.B R12.BNE.B.delta.4

      we are seeing that item master details are showing up in iproc store. We want to see only items in Req. template (which was working fine until the patch was applied)

      We have the "Include items from all suppliers" checked

      and "Include items without suppliers" unchecked for the store. But still seeing item master record in the iproc search results.

      This is a major issue for us as user can select the item master record (which has no supplier details) which may lead to confusion for the buyer as to which supplier to chose.

      Please help as to how to hide item master details in the store. According to ORacle "if an item has a source, then the item master details are suppressed".

      But that functionality is not working now. Please help.