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    Error Number 13 Type Mismatch VBScript runtime error


      I am getting the following error when administering web forms in HFM v


      Error Number:13
      Error Description:Type mismatch
      Error Source:Microsoft VBScript runtime error
      Page On which Error Occurred:/hfm/data/WebFormBuilder.asp


      Google searches led me to suggestions that this might be a problem with errors in my Member Lists, but I have checked and re-checked this.  The Member list loads without errors and does not resolve the issue.


      Fortunately the problem is only present in my DEV environment.  The error specifically occurs when you click the Rows or Columns tab in the web form editor.  All other tabs work fine.


      At the same time all web forms are also returning the following error on submit:


      Error Reference Number: {FE2DBEB4-89E2-4177-A585-474BDAF18CB7};User Name: vincent@Native Directory
      Num: 0x80040d40;Type: 1;DTime: 23/03/2015 14:09:20;Svr: HYPAPPDEV;File: CHsvWebFormGeneratorACM.cpp;Line: 1122;Ver:;
      Num: 0x80040d40;Type: 0;DTime: 23/03/2015 14:09:20;Svr: HYPAPPDEV;File: CHsvWebFormGeneratorACM.cpp;Line: 914;Ver:;
      Num: 0x80040d40;Type: 0;DTime: 23/03/2015 14:09:16;Svr: HYPFNDDEV;File: CHsvWebFormsACV.cpp;Line: 711;Ver:;

      My normal support options have been voided because I recently installed Microsoft Web Platform 5.0 on the server not knowing it might affect HFM and I am unable to verify whether this issue arose before or after this installation as I hadn't used the DEV environment in a while.


      Uninstalling MS Web Platform and rolling back the IIS settings has failed to resolve the  problem.


      I have the option to restore the environment, but the SQL box hosts 2 DBs used in our PROD environment so I am trying to avoid this.


      Can anyone suggest anything, be it an HFM-oriented or related to undoing changes caused by the installation of the Web Platform?



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          Thanos A

          Hi there,


          Can you please try to access the application with a different username?


          If yes then you should run the following query on the database: DELETE FROM <appname>_USERPARAMS WHERE Username like '<username>@%' and Parameterkey = 'UserMbrSel'





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            The root cause of the above error is a faulty Data form/Data Grid design which anyone try to run with particular POV. This issue can come up when you have row with Scalc or with NoSuppress option and you have also selected in the data form design the option to Suppress the row with Nodata/Invalid/Zero. This can be conflicting/ambiguous when user selects a POV for which the data form comes up with Nodata/Zero/Invalid rows and hence throws the above error.