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    How to Clone(HOT) in 11i from Prod to Test/Dev - without bringing PROD down?

    Karthik Appsys

      Dear Legends,


      Source Env: Apps - DB: RHEL 4 32bit 4GB RAM


      I would like to clone the existing Production Environment and put it on a TEST or DEV env.


      My scenario is I have a Full Hot Backup of PROD which is our weekly hot full backup with archive logs and this backup has been moved From Source to Target. Yet what are the files that I should move from PROD.


      With the above scenario i would like to clone the prod and put it in TEST/DEV. Not sure whether this scenario will work or not.


      Or else I need to start from scratch?

      I have reviewed the Metalink docs like


      11i : Cloning E-Business Suite Using Hot Backup for Minimal Downtime of Source Environment. (Doc ID 362473.1)

      Cloning Oracle Applications Release 11i with Rapid Clone (Doc ID 230672.1)

      R11i / R12.0 / R12.1 : Cloning Oracle Application with Rapid Clone - Database (9i/10g/11g) Using Hot Backup on Open Database (Doc ID 760772.1)

      I'm little confused with the said patches and I'm not sure whether if I apply the rapid clone patches in PROD will cause any impact on it ?

      Please let me know if there is any step by step procedure like any links.