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    FDMEE Jython API getLocationDetails function call..how should this be used?


      I have a need to obtain an FDMEE Location detail field value and have tried to retrieve the various location detail field values using the Jython Java API function "ResultSet getLocationDetails(Bigdecimal pPartitionKey). However, apart from calling the function within a script, which seems to work, I find I am unable to process the resultset. or more specifically, I have tried many times to write a script to retrieve the resultset, store all these values in a list\array and then display them on screen\write to a file, but have not managed to achieve this. The creation of the resultset seems to work, as per the line of code below, but I have not been able to retrieve the content of the resultset in a loop which I presume needs to be used.


      rs = fdmAPI.getLocationDetails(fdmContext["LOCKEY"])


         ...how should the code appear now to obtain all the detail fields?


      Can anyone help with a script to achieve this, which would be greatly appreciated?