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    Weighted average

    Joe Choueiri-Oracle



      I have the following and I need to figure out who to calculate the weighted average in obiee 11g

      Item that I sold called LC for $ 6,000.000  at 40% discount + another item for $200,000 at 25% - what is the weighted average?




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          Gianni Ceresa

          Hi Joe,

          Yours is a standard pre/post agg problem for me ...

          You first need to sum the total discount amount (not %, the $$$) and the total original amount and then calculate the discount % (post aggregation, a logical column "Derived from existing columns using an expression").


          If you have directly 40% and 25% in your DB this is pre-aggregation discount and if you do the AVG in OBIEE your have (40%+25%) / 2.

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            Christian Berg

            The age-old issue of calculations in the physical source of logical column mappings versus derived calculations using existing logical columns.