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    PO stuck in Collabaration Planner


      I want cancel this PO, Quantity wrongly received in receits and after that they reverted the transaction for the correct Quantiy. But still PO is showing in Collabaration Planner. The Quantity Showing as InTransit.

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          Sanjay Desai EBS

          Verify the status of  PO whether it is open or closed .

          Also, check the Receiving Transaction Status Summary for Error.

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            Hi Sanjay,




            Po is closed.




            I found the issue – what exactly happen. While receiving user scanned one item and wrong Quantity (another Item). Realized mistake and got it corrected.




            For Example:




            PO has 4 lines




            Line 1: Item A - 3000


            Line 2: Item B - 1000


            Line 3: Item C - 2000


            Line 4: Item D - 750




            User scanned Item D and Quantity – 3000, realized mistake and corrected 2250. Now Actual Qty: 750 received , transferred and delivered to Stores.




            Now in the collaboration Plan : we still see the PO with ASN for the Qty -2250. This Quantity – show as Intransit.  With ship status and receipt status as in Feb’15.




            Hope this helps for you to understand better.




            I want to know how to delete this with out using any datafix. We are using 11.5