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    Universal edition choke on en-GB browser, core dumped, ORA-07445, _npierr+4


      XE version : Universal
      OS : Any
      Browser : Any
      Browser language : en-gb


      While using Application Express, every so often, randomly, Firefox asks user to download "f" or "www_flow_accept" file, or when browsing with IE - it displays "IBMPC/WIN_NT-8.1.0" on empty page/frame.
      After that, apex freezes for about 40 seconds.
      On the server side, core gets dumped and ORA-07445 (_npierr+487) gets reported in alert log and trace files as shown in my other thread: "Beta 3 Bug: using database link freezes apex and xdb" Beta 3 Bug: using database link freezes apex and xdb


      Set browser to en-US language settings.
      Note: If you have "User Agent Switcher" Firefox extension, default user agent string does not follow the language settings change. You should de-install or re-install the extension.


      Now, this workaround looks fine for me during development, but I can't possible tell the users to change their browsers language settings. Even more I can't have server posing as sitting duck to be frozen every so often with anyone with "wrong" language settings.

      Can this please be fixed or some other workaround found.

      I haven't tried yet, but if western version has no problems with this then it might be better workaround. But not for long. Universal version is a must in my case.
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