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    File encoding issue on import step


      Dear all,


      I am experiencing an import issue with csv files generated from MS Dynamics AX ERP, a Reporting Services query I guess.


      Having a look at the concerned files using notepad++ I can see that encoding is UTF-8.

      As a workaround, if I open files using Excel and re-save it as csv, then they are encoded as ANSI as UTF-8, in that case FDMEE import process is effective.


      Regarding our settings (FDMEE v.

      - System level: file charset is set to UTF-8

      - System level: no specified file charset

      - User level: no specified file charset


      My questions are :

      - Is this normal behavior? Why UTF-8 files are not supported if system level conf sayz UTF-8?

      - Is it relative to system encoding (OS, DB...)

      - Is it related to file so do I have to force encoding through befImport script?


      I had a deep look at this article http://akafdmee.blogspot.fr/2014/11/importing-files-with-different-file.html which is great but still no magic solution comes to my mind! I'll keep on testing.