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    What are prerequisites for joining two essbase cubes

    Chandra kanth





      Could we able to join essbase cubes (Multiple Subject Areas: Having two subject areas with common dimensions but for some of dimensions structure are different). What is the approach in three layers of rpd. I mean how to make joins in BMM layer. We are struggling since long to join two essbase cubes. Please let me know the basic approach.



      Chandra kanth

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          Gianni Ceresa


          I would say that technically it's not different than other federations.

          But as it's 2 Essbase cubes, isn't it easier to just setup a new cube using partitions to merge the 2 parts of the cubes you need? It's maybe easier and also better from a performance point of view as I guess a federation between 2 cubes in OBIEE means that the BI server will do the work (and here you can have problems because your cubes contains the aggregated data, but how are you supposed to merge 2 aggregated data?).

          Doing it in Essbase with partiitons will make it transparent for OBIEE and Essbase is good with that.

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            Christian Berg

            Additional to what Gianni said, it's not about "joining things". OBIEE isn't a database and federates queries across sources without join definitions but rather uses conforming dimensionalities. If you can push things back to the cube though it will be even more transparent than doing it in the RPD.