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    Form Personalization in Sales Order Form - defaulting Pack Slip Note (packing_instructions)


      We would like to defaulting a text on Pack Slip Note on Sales Order Line, based on certain criteria.


      we use form personalization,

      Trigger Event: WHEN-VALIDATE-RECORD

      Trigger Object: LINE

      condition: << our condition>>

      rule 10: property: target object LINE.PACKING_INSTRUCTIONS.


      Whenever we create a line that meet the criteria, and then click Save or move to next line, the trigger seems fired and the Pack Slip Note are replaced with the text we want.

      Then we save and then if we re-retrieve the order info, the value of Pack Slip Note is reverted to previous value, not the text we want.

      what's wrong with this? which does it appear to be working, but not actually save to database?


      we are using R12.