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    iprocurement account generator issue




      I need to update default charge account of iprocurement lines when i entering the project


      i have 8 segments (GL Accounting Segments).. I have entering some segment3 value in attribute1 of projects budget versions (PA_BUDGET_VERSIONS table). for a particular projects.


      So i need to update the Segment3 of charge account with attirbute1 of project budget versions.


      For ex: My default charge account of pr line is. 01.000.41584585.000-000.01.50110.0000.00000


      my default segment3 value is  '41584585'

      i have added '40215456' value attribute1 in project budget version for project 11111


      so when i create PR from iprocurement and select the project 11111 then my charge account should be updated to ' 01.000.'40215456.000-000.01.50110.0000.00000'

      So please can anyone provide the steps to do this ..