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    FDMEE: execution of two different Data Load Rules in one location


      Hi folks,


      just wanted to share my experience with FDMEE Data Load Rules. It took me quite some time to figure out how the concept of DLR works.


      Requirement was as follows: one FDMEE location, two load files (txt, tab delimeted) with different input formats, identical mapping, same target HFM application/entity. Actually quite straight forward.


      • Set up two different Input Formats, one for a tab delimeted load file containing Revenue details, one for OrderInflow details




      • Set up location




           Although I am going to have to separate Input Formats, I had to assign one default IF. Apparently this field cannot remain empty. I have also assigned a Parent location, which inherited the mapping to this particular location. Advantage:I have to      maintain the mapping in the parent location exclusively and it will get automatically inherited to all locations which have this parent location assigned to it.


      • Switch location in Point of View



      • Set up two Data Load Rules and assign respective Input Format





      • Execute Data Load Rules


           And now something, that was not obvious at all: the execution of the DLRs.

           First I executed HAGOrder:


           Opened Data Load Workbench to check whether Load Rule was executed successfully. Everything went well:




           Now I executed the second Rule file for Revenue data. Same procedure, different load file. No error message, seemed to work fine.

           Workbench check: still see OrderInflow data, I was expecting the Revenue data though! What is going on? Tried couple of things like changing Input Formats, Load Rules, location settings etc, but still: OrderInflow! ! And at this point I almost went mad! Could not figure out what was going wrong.


           And then, after two or three hours, the scales fall from my eyes! I realized the point of view bar at the bottom of the page:



           I was looking at the wrong point of view! The screen does not switch automatically to the imported Revenue data, I had to change the POV manually, as the Load Rule is now part of the POV:




      •      And voila, finally: Revenue data! At this point, I had to burst out laughing.




             Hope sharing this experience helps other FDMEE newbies not going mad.