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    Clicking on EBS Menu activates the first sub menu item instead of expanding menu

    Matt Mulvaney



      I've added a menu called 'Apex Applications'

      The first item in that sequence list is called 'Apex Application 1' (this calls a function, which is a JSP, which starts APEX)


      The menu compiles and is visible in the menu, however when I click 'Apex Applications' to expand the sub menu, I expect to see 'Apex Application 1'


      The menu expands and I do see 'Apex Application 1', however it has already started loading 'Apex Application 1'


      I didn't click 'Apex Application 1' , I only clicked 'Apex Applications' and it started the first application


      how I prevent clicking on 'Apex Applications' from loading the first item in the menu?