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      I have been trying to help a student with sqldeveloper.  We installed java jdk, oracle 11g database and downloaded and unzipped sqldeveloper.  When we try to connect to the database is gives an error that network adapter could not establish the connection.  I checked the blogs and try to determine if the listener was working.  At the command line it tells me that there is no listener but I do not know how to solve this problem.  We are running on Windows 8.  Java 8 JDK is installed and we downloaded the sqldeveloper 64 with jdk, because that was what we could find. 


      Help please.

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          Well, that might be an SQLDeveloper problem, but first make sure your database installation is configured properly (or if it is even running). If there's indeed no listener running, that means you'll be unable to connect to your DB from any client. Can you connect to your database using any other tools, like SQL*Plus for example? If not, then it's not a tool problem but a DB installation problem, and better place to ask would be Database Installation space, maybe there's even some similar questions there already.