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    Issue with SQL Developer 4.1 Early Adopter 2 - start sql-script by "@"

    Matthias E. Müller


      today i realized, that starting a sql-script by writing @scriptname.sql in a sql worksheet and press F9 to start the script, does not work anymore.

      With EA2 there is always an error message shown like "unkown command" with some strange characters "�������������������������������" in the script logging window.

      The sql-scripts are located in a filesystem folder the os environment variable SQLPATH points to.

      In Version 4.0.x this worked perfect! Is this a planned "feature" or just a bug in EA2 fixed in later EA versions?

      In addition, when i open such a sqlscript with the file open menu in sqldeveloper the content of the sqlscript is not shown in the script window. There are only some none printable characters "�����" displayed in the sqlworksheet, and not the "select ..." a normal texteditor shows.


      Thanks in advance