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    Integerated SOA , invoking service giving error


      Hi All,


      My trying to use ISG.

      My application is R12.1.3 and DB is (RAC).

      Application multiple node with hardware load balancer (OS : AIX 6.1)

      Applied all patches and done all configuration and load balancer related configuration also


      WSDL generation ,Deployment is working fine.

      But Involve is giving following error


      Cannot Test this Web Service using the Test Page Endpoint Name : SOAProvider (Service Description) oracle.webservices.mdds.MddsException: java.net.SocketException: Connection reset


      Data firewall exists and there is another firewall between LB and application server.


      It seems to be some firewall between LB and application server.

      Please let me know if there any ports needs to be opened between application server and LB?