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    -bash: /usrxit/devenv.env: Not a directory

    Kumar Vellaisamy

      Dear All,


      I have tried to change the apps pwd using FNDCPASS utility in production.


      After changed the pwd, ran autoconfig successfully in DB tier,


      But while running autoconfig in application tier its completed with error like below.


      Not able to set the environment and getting error like "-bash: /usrxit/devenv.env"


      [applmgr@auaterpdb000 appl]$ . ./APPSUAT_auaterpdb000.env

      -bash: /usrxit/devenv.env: Not a directory


      [applmgr@auaterpdb000 scripts]$ adautocfg.sh

      Enter the APPS user password:

      ERROR: Directory doesn't exist.


      Because of this issue xml file showing empty. there is no data in xml file.


      I have followed this document -bash: /usrxit/devenv.env: Not A Directory ([applmgr@a0 Appl]$ . ./APPSUAT_auaterpdb000.env) (Doc ID 1533570.1)


      As per the document we have copied the old xml file from <INST_TOP>/admin/out/<MMDDhhmm>


      And again ran autoconfig in application tier but again xml file getting corrupted(empty) and completed with error.


      Kindly suggest me to fix this issue.