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    Write back from OBIEE into Essbase


      Hi everyone,


      Questions about write back from OBIEE ( into Essbase (EPM


      First of all, did anyone manage to do it ?


      Secondly, what are the constraints ? (number of cells updated limited, only level 0 of the Essbase database can be updated, only existing data can be updated or things like that ?)


      Thirdly, what are the best practices regarding OBIEE or Essbase security when we implement write back  ?


      Thanks for answers




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          Gianni Ceresa


          writing to Essbase from OBIEE exist for many years...

          In the past it was doing via a JSP page but since last year it's supported directly with a simple UPDATE statement.


          Have a look at SampleApp 406 (current version), in the Essbase examples there is also the write back using the UPDATE statement.


          Just keep in mind one thing: OBIEE is not supposed to be an entry form for Essbase or any other system, it can be used for editing values so you can dynamically change params for what-if calculations (running a calc script after updating a value) and that kind of things.

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            Thank you for your answer. I know that the functionnality exists for many years, but I exactly have in mind that it was just for params and can not be used as a template for sending data in the database, like Add In, smartview or planning. So you confirm what I thought but, the difficulty i have, is to explain why we can send data in essbase for params, and not for all database. So i am searching for constraints ou security reasons to answer...