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    After approving the purchase requisition getting message Unable To Reserve Purchase Requisition

    swapnil dandgvhal

      Unable To Reserve Purchase Requisition 2585.
      Reason for Reserve failure is:
      Line #1 Distribution #1 This detail transaction causes a summary account to fail funds check

      You can take one of the following actions:
      1. You may try to override funds reservation failure from this notification (Please note that override will succeed if allowed by the Budgetary Control Setup).

      2. Fix the problem with the requisition or the budgetary controls and try reserving again from this notification

      3. Forward this requisition to a person that has the authority to reserve.

      4. Return the document to the preparer so that they can make the necessary adjustments and then submit for approval again.

      please help why this message is coming and why workflow is not proceeding to next approver