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    Expense Item and Inventory Expense Item

    Shareef Khaleel

      Dear All,



      I know this question has been asked many times.

      But Frankly, couldn't find or maybe i misunderstood the posts. Any how;

      Our business needs as follows:


      Inventory Super User receives expense items (Stationary, ...etc) and issue them to the departments. He needs to count (Just Count) the expense items that are remaining. He don't need the value of these items. Just Quantity (In and Out).

      The financial department on the other hand don't want any accounting entry that affect the inventory value;( that debit the Inventory Account) It just want the expense account of that item to be the Dr. side when creating receiving and then matching the invoice.


      Can this be done by defining the item as Expense Item (Checking the Purchasable and Purchased attribute) only?



      Because defining the item as inventory setting the attributes:

      a - inventory item = YES

      b - stockable

      c - transactable

      d - Inventory Asset Value = NO

        e - Costing Enabled = No


      will increase the value of the inventory? Is that true?


      Reading articles and notes such as (How To Track an Expense Item By Quantity (Doc ID 793125.1) didn't give a clear answer.



      So, we need a clear answer.



      Thanks in advance.