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    Is it possible to use script (such as refcursor) output in table style  in user-defined reports ?


      Is it possible to use the output of a script such as a refcursor to display in a child-report in Table style ?

      I want to be able to generate script that does a select on several tabels and show the output of that script as a Table style.


      I can create a refcursor function and use that function in a child report.

      If i set the Type to Table it will display just one row.

      If i set the Type to Code it will display it in "printed text" with headers and such every time a fetch a done, so about every 15 records.

      (Since the generated code is different every time i can not use table-objects.(read this somewhere dunno where exactly, as answer))


      Ideally it should fetch all rows and display in Table style, not in one row or text dump.