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    Enhancement Request 20623991: RFI Buyer Printable View or Supplier Printable View should capture responses from Suppliers / Evaluators

      Reference: SR 3-9765282261 : RFI Buyer Printable View report doesn't capture questionaire responded by Supplier


        The "Buyer Printable View" and "Supplier Printable View" in Oracle Sourcing should capture evaluator's / supplier's responses.  The work around given to view individual responses in each RFI is completely not practical.  If there are 3-5 parties responded to the distributed questionaires, then the buyer has to click each response to download PDF file.  The workaround process is very time consuming especially during audit season where there are tons of RFIs to be extracted.


         ER 20623991 has been logged. Please join me to vote for this enhancement request if you need this functionality too.  Your support is very much appreciated.