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    EBS login screen being shown following 'successful' login.


      Apologies if this is a silly question, or in the wrong place, but I've not asked a question before.


      We are experiencing some strange behaviour with the login screen on one of our development environments.


      When any user attempts to login, the system thinks about it, then returns them back to the login screen.


      If you enter invalid details it warns you.


      If you enter correct details, then it just re-renders the screen BUT also updates the user record for LAST_LOGON_DATE in APPLSYS.FND_USERS with the current date.


      This is happening for all users, on multiple browsers (IE and FF).


      It is on a closed network, so has not had any changes to the browsers / firewalls.


      All the other instances are still allowing access.


      I have restarted the Apps Tier, and the Database; but all to no avail.


      Any help gratefully received.




      Version information below:

      OA Framework 12.1.3

      Oracle OA Extension 10.1.3 - build 1313

      Business Components

      Java 1.6.0_10


      Database 11g - 64bit

      OS Linux 2.6.18-238.el5