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    Autocomplete synonyms (Code Insight)


      SQL Developer Version MAIN-18.37

      Before I upgraded from previous version everything worked just fine.

      The case is... I have created synonyms for tables that appear as tables for different users (Other User list). The table names are always the same, the difference is the user name.

      So as for user1 I have TblName, as for user2 I have u2_TblName and so on.

      Until recently when I started typing the name of the table I did get autocomplete propositions including synonyms, now I get list composed of user1.TblName, User2.TblName... There are no synonyms.

      Why do I want to have tho synonyms proposed? The names are simply shorter and take less space on screen

      When I select the proposition and get the full name user1.TblName and then delete the user1. part and run the statement everything works perfect! But still the Code Insight works differently and it kind of irritates me

      Anyone knows how to get the list of synonyms in Code Insight dialog?